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We are creating The Dedicated thousand, an animated film made of a 1000 tattoos. The film brings an inspirational message to inspire people to create a more sustainable lifestyle. The 1000 people who carry this message on their bodies for the rest of their lives are THE DEDICATED THOUSAND. They take small and realistic steps towards a more sustainable way of life. Together they create impact and they are an inspiration to others.

Creator and Director Jelle van Dun from Animate the World & Rise Above invited top notch tattoo studio Bunker Tattoo to collaborate in the project.


At this moment we have tattooed 230 awesome people who made a statement about the importance of sustainability by carrying the message of this film on their bodies for life. Many thanks to tattooers Jan van Antwerpen, Sam van der Weijden, Nico Chaigneau-Norton, Alberto Balboa, Roger Merling Meijer, Ted Poncin, Jasmijn Kint, Martijn Boot, Denise Worron and Niek Vergeer from Bunker Tattoo, as well as external animator Joris de Jong, and the Animate the World team for their support!

For 2024 we have monthly dates at the Bunker Tattoo shop. Check the agenda at the top!

These are the questions we get from interested people:

Can I choose to place the tattoo where I want?

Preferably on arms, legs or shoulders.

What size will the tattoo be?

The size will be about 6 to 10 cm.

What does the tattoo cost?

We ask to do a donation that goes to the tattoo artist who has to take a day off from regular tattoo work to tattoo for this project. For each design there is a minimal donation. 

Are you only going to tattoo the design with the ship?

Nope. We are creating an animated story based on our voice over script. To visualize this story we are designing and animating lots of tattoos. To every event we will bring a specific sequence of a tattoo design. If you want to keep informed about new events and designs we are going to tattoo, sign up for our newsletter.

Are you only going to tattoo in the Netherlands?

Not if it’s up to us. We would love to go abroad! Let’s see where the project takes us. Let us know if there are events in your area that could host a tattoo session.

I have circled around our planet more than 3.000 times.

From my space station, with all the blackness of space around us, earth looks extremely vulnerable. And there is no second Earth to be seen where we can go.

So if our planet is the only one we have, why don’t we take good care of it? Why do we put money before our wellbeing? Why wait for fossil fuels to run out and wait for a World Energy War to break out? Why risk everything?

Ok, I hear you thinking, what can I do about this? Will my own effort have effect? Why go through the burden of changing my life when others don’t? I know this is difficult, so here’s a bit of inspiration.

The people you see flashing by are The Dedicated Thousand. They are a community connected by the tattoos that tell this story. They all have the dedication to make choices that are in best interest of our awesome planet.

No, they don’t go cold turkey into a hippie like life, because that wouldn’t work. They just go step by step and make choices that fit their lives. And with all those little things combined, these thousand people like you and me, make a huge difference.

You can too!